Holistic Healing Retreats | Mind, Body, & Soul 

Recharge, rejuvenate & unlock your bodies natural ability to heal...


Are you seeking a deeply healing, nourishing, & transformational experience? 

If so, this is the ultimate healing experience your soul has been seeking. 


Beautiful healing & transformation occurs when you make the conscious decison to get out of your comfort zone & explore the depths of your soul. 

It is my mission, here at Angelic Health, to provide the intuitive guidance, love, accountability, & support it takes to experience holistic healing on a deep level.


With proper nourishment, mindfulness techniques, nature exposure, intuitive guidance, yoga, & the support of a like-minded community - I believe miraculous things can occur.


The only limit is our minds. These retreats will push you out of your comfort zone, challenge limiting beliefs, & have you leveling up in ALL areas of your life.   

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Each healing retreat will focus on complete plant-based nourishment to provide accelerated healing to your body. With a heavy emphasis on using "food as medicine", you can expect fresh organic juices, smoothies, & other delicious whole-food dishes to cleanse, detoxify, & restore your physical vessel. 

The nutrition aspect of these retreats are completely customizable. We assess your current diet, symptoms, & health goals, then create a meal plan tailored towards accelerating physical healing within your body utilizing the proper foods, herbs, & spices!

Access to an abundance of fresh organic juices, teas, & plant-based meals are included in the cost.

Holistic Healing Techniques...

  • Plant-based nourishment 

  • Juicing 

  • Fasting

  • Meditation 

  • Breath-work

  • Sound healing

  • Journaling

  • Grounding

  • Power of nature

  • Yoga + stretching

  • Digital detox

  • Angel oracle readings

  • Intuitive guidance 

  • Reiki/energy healing

  • Manifestation techniques 

Wed, Jul 15
Cannon Beach, OR, USA
Cannon Beach, OR Holistic Healing Retreat
Activate the healing power that resides within!
Wed, Aug 19
Boulder, CO, USA
Boulder, CO Holistic Healing Retreat
Wed, Sep 23
San Diego, CA, USA
San Diego, CA Holistic Healing Retreat
Thu, Oct 01
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Kauai, HI Holistic Healing Retreat
Wed, Nov 11
Sedona, AZ 86336, USA
Sedona, AZ Holistic Healing Retreat
Wed, Dec 02
Bali, Indonesia
Bali Holistic Healing Retreat

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