Holistic Healing Retreats | Mind, Body, & Soul 

Recharge, rejuvenate & unlock your bodies natural ability to heal...


Are you seeking a deeply healing, nourishing, & transformational experience? 

If so, this is the ultimate healing experience your soul has been seeking. 


Beautiful healing & transformation occurs when you make the conscious decison to get out of your comfort zone & explore the depths of your soul. 

It is my mission, here at Angelic Health, to provide the intuitive guidance, love, accountability, & support it takes to experience holistic healing on a deep level. With proper nourishment, mindfulness techniques, nature exposure, intuitive guidance, yoga, & the support of a like-minded community - I believe miraculous things can occur. The only limit is our minds. These retreats will push you out of your comfort zone, challenge limiting beliefs, & have you leveling up in ALL areas of your life.   

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Each healing retreat will focus on complete plant-based nourishment to provide accelerated healing to your body. With a heavy emphasis on using "food as medicine", you can expect fresh organic juices, smoothies, & other delicious whole-food dishes to cleanse, detoxify, & restore your physical  vessel. 

Holistic Healing Techniques...

  • Plant-based nourishment 

  • Juicing 

  • Fasting

  • Meditation 

  • Breath-work

  • Sound healing

  • Journaling

  • Grounding

  • Power of nature

  • Yoga + stretching

  • Digital detox

  • Angel oracle readings

  • Intuitive guidance 

  • Reiki/energy healing

  • Manifestation techniques 

Healing Locations 2020:

March - Sarasota FL

April - Malibu CA & St. Pete FL

May - Miami FL

June - Hawaii 

July - Oregon

Aug - Colorado 

Sept - San Diego + Joshua Tree CA

Nov - Arizona

Dec - Bali

Specific dates & locations coming soon*

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