Foods to Avoid

The following foods fuel pathogens, overburden the liver & should be avoided completely or significantly reduced to naturally heal from chronic illness or disease.

Eggs, corn, gluten, soy, dairy, pork, farmed fish, MSG, canola oil, artificial flavors, citric acid, natural flavors, & artificial sweeteners.

To read more on WHY these foods do not promote healing read the Medical Medium Book series.

When working with my clients, one of the first steps to naturally healing our bodies is to evaluate our physical body temples. Using food as medicine, is ONE of the many tools I implement. What we eat truly affects our state of health.

Everyone has a different combination of pathogens, chemicals, toxins, & radiation - with that being said, some people consider themselves to have certain food sensitivities than others. Its important to note that the reason some people react to gluten (for example) & others don't, has to do with what pathogens are present in the body! Pathogens feed off of these foods & release toxic waste which can result in chronic illness symptoms.

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