8 Natural Laws of Healing

8 Natural Laws of Healing 💕👇🏼

ABOVE ALL - “with God all things are possible” - Mathew 10:26

SUNSHINE - God blessed us with the Sun! The sun is essential for human life of course - but getting daily sun exposure is absolutely essential for your body temple to heal! The sun naturally enhances every single vitamin & mineral present in your body!!!

HYDRATION - 9/10 people are walking around chronically dehydrated! Ensure you are activating your water & bringing it to life by adding some lemon/lime! Fruit has the power to bring water back to life, as it loses life in the process. *Ensure your water is fluoride free when possible! Opt for a fresh local spring water (preferably packaged in glass, not plastic do your best!) ALSO - aim to consume 8-10 glasses of water a day, although I recommend a solid gallon of water, especially if you are detoxing!

FRUIT - fruit is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-fungal, & is extremely alkaline! No matter what physical symptoms you’re experiencing, never reduce your fruit intake!! Fruit is absolutely essential for healing our precious body temples!

VEGGIES - LOAD UP!!! Veggies are extremely nutrient dense & naturally cleanse & tic our bodies of toxic debris. Focus on cruciferous veggies, especially if you experience symptoms such as chronic pain, digestive issues, mental health conditions, & fatigue!

TIME IN NATURE - this isn’t only good for your SOUL, but this allows for your body to HEAL! Your physical body requires fresh oxygen, movement, grounding, & cleansing... God created us with the NEED for nature. “On the glorious splendor of your majesty, & on your wondrous works, I will meditate.” - Psalm 145:5. Meditate on the beauty & immerse yourself daily so your physical body temple can heal!

MOVEMENT - Move your body, move your lymphatic system! THIS IS CRUCIAL for your body to properly release & eliminate toxins, chemicals, pathogens, etc. Stretching, walking, & dancing are wonderful ways to move! Try not to exert too much adrenaline though, adrenaline fuels pathogens in the body!

MEDITATION - Meditate on the word of God daily to remind yourself of the promises He made! This is a beautiful way to program your mind with the truth. Thinking like Jesus is POWERFUL! “I will meditate on your precepts & fix my eyes on your ways” - Psalm 119:15 Another powerful form of meditation is strengthening the mind/body connection within our being. Mentally sending signals to your body that HEALING IS happening, will activate healing on a deeper level. Our bodies are always responding to our minds. Everything begins in our mind!

REST - Literal sleep is absolutely necessary to heal & function on a healthy level! Between the hours of 10pm-2am, your body is healing, regenerating, cleansing, & restoring itself! Opt for a good nights rest every night, 7-10 hours is ideal. SPIRITUAL REST IS ALSO VITAL! Rest your mind in Christ. Rest your soul in Christ.

When you create space in your life to fully incorporate ALL 8 Laws of Healing within your life, healing will absolutely being to accelerate

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