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Virtual holistic healing sessions from the comfort of your home. Private sessions with Angelle provide you with the clarity & direction you need to accelerate healing within your mind & body. 

What can I expect during a session with Angelle?

During a virtual healing session, Angelle will coach you through any obstacles or challenges you may be experiencing. Depending on your specific health & wellness goals, Angelle will implement specific holistic healing modalities such as creating a custom meal plan, supplement/herb recommendations, discussing cleanses or fasts, subconscious belief work, emotional release exercises, breath work, prayer, & more. Angelle allows the Holy Spirit to guide & lead each session. Post session, you can expect an email from Angelle summarizing what you discussed during your session along with the next essential steps & actions you must take to accelerate healing & achieve your goals! 

Services | Work With Angelle

1 Hour Virtual Holistic Healing Session | FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone | $300

Experience 60 minutes of divine guidance, love, support, & accountability. Angelle will provide the proper information & clarity you need to naturally heal from chronic illness, disease, & overcome other health obstacles. In this holistic healing session, Angelle will access your mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual bodies to discover what you need to shift within your diet, mindset, & lifestyle to reach your goals.

30 Minute Holistic Healing Session | FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone | $175

These sessions are available for pre-existing clients only & are structured to provide follow up support & guidance.

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Transform, Heal, Grow, & Evolve | Holistic Healing Program

3 Month | 6 Month | 12 Month Option

Thrive is a holistic healing program created by Angelle which helps beautiful souls all over the world transform from a state of "surviving" to a state of "thriving" utilizing the power of a plant-based & faith-based approach. This program is tailored towards helping you level up in ALL areas of your life - mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually. Thrive focuses on addressing all aspects of your being. Learn how to release what no longer serves you, heal your relationship with food, strengthen your relationship with God, & step into your God given purpose. You will learn how to nourish your body temple, strengthen your mind, stabilize emotions, & connect deeply with God, so you can live your best life. It is your birthright to thrive! God has created you for a very unique, beautiful, powerful purpose, its time to step into it! Shed the old, embody the new. 

This program includes: 

  • One weekly 30 - 60 minute virtual healing session

  • Text/email support in-between sessions

  • Love, support, & accountability so you feel supported every step of the way

  • Written email summaries post session

  • Handouts, meal plans, supplement/herb recommendations

  • Welcome package shipped to your home (Suprise goodies)

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"I am so incredibly grateful to have worked with Angelle for 3 months. Throughout the course of working with her I was able to completely heal from neurological fatigue, anxiety, bloating, eczema, and insomnia naturally. She helped me adjust my diet to utilize food as medicine. After some drastic adjustments with my diet, herbs, and mindset, I was able to free myself from the many illnesses that controlled my life for 22 years! I am so grateful for her wisdom, guidance, love, and support. Health is priceless! I am excited to continue forward on this journey with what she has equipped me with! Thank you too much Angelle." 

- Gianna H. 

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