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What my beautiful clients are saying...

"It was such a pleasure to work with Angel in the healing group ✨ I felt really safe and supported throughout the entire 4 weeks. The angel reading were my favorite part because I know now I can call on my angels whenever I am in need of support. I loved that she was able to give us the emotional cause being the physical symptoms so that I could have more awareness to why I had these physical symptoms which was relieving to know that it’s not my body that’s defective! It’s just the emotions we’ve harbored over time. I feel overall I have more energy, more awareness of my body, and more faith and trust in my body because of Angel. She truly is an Angel of love and light and I’m grateful for her guidance ✨❤️" - Taylor G.

"Working with Angelle has truly been a blessing. 🙏 I have hashimotos hypothyroidism and Angelle has greatly aided me in my healing journey towards remission. I’m so grateful that I came across her page through MM because she is very inspiring and truly a beautiful soul- inside and out. One thing I lacked before working with her was confidence in my body’s ability to heal. She has given me hope in a time of doubt, and trust in my body’s ability to regenerate. She’s also given me different tools that have helped me overcome my anxiety- which I’ve struggled with since I was diagnosed as having an autoimmune disorder. Although our group session has ended, I will continue to follow her and look forward to the next time I contact her for an angel reading. I can’t recommend/thank her enough for connecting me to my angels and helping me retap into my spiritual side. She has helped me see life through a new lens and for that I’m extremely grateful. She’s an angel! Thank you! 💓I truly believe she was the missing link I’m my healing journey. I can stick to a diet, I can juice, I can quit drinking, I can avoid the no foods, but I never had the spiritual component... I used to cry all the time and feel so sad and hopeless, and just genuinely speaking from my heart- thank you Angelle! I really needed to get my power back... and my hope back... and be connected w my emotions and the universe/angels/God. I tell my friends to follow you and I’m gonna continue to reach out for angel readings again in the future . You’re the best ❤️👼" -  Ray R

"Oh my Gosh! I don't even know where to start. Working with angelle has been one of the greatest and best decisions I could have ever made in my life! Angelle has helped me naturally heal from anxiety, migraines, low self esteem, and fatigue! Following her guidance has been a blessing and I have completely shifted into a new beautiful person thanks to Angelle! I highly recommend working with her. she is so sweet and patient... not to mention so wise beyond her years!" - Alexa G

"I worked with Angelle in her 3 month program & I can confidently say that my life will be changes forever. It was seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made with myself🌻 Angelle has such a kind & gentle energy shout herself. She made me feel so safe, supported, & heard though out our time working together! I transitioned to a fully raw diet & have successful healed over a dozen health conditions! Angelle is incredible with her intuition. She connected with my angels & never failed so surprise me with her insane accuracy 😭 She continues to blow me away. 100/10 recommend to work with her!! Thank you Angelle. You’re a true angel" - Emily V.

"I can’t thank angel enough for all that she has done for me and my family! I hired angel as a coach to help myself and my family transition to a plantbased diet! I also had a lot of dysfunction in my household that angel has helped me heal with guidance from the angels and meditation techniques! Angel is a true star in this world and a blessing to everyone who has the opportunity to work with her! I love how her sessions are virtual. You can literally work with her from anywhere in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart angel. My family and I are forever thankful for your love light and guidance. Hugs from the UK" - Eloise W.

"I recommend working with Angelle if you want to level up in all areas of your life. She has guided me to release what no longer serves me and step into my highest self. We worked on my relationship with myself and healing my body from chronic pain that I have been holding onto for 10 years 💛💛💛 Angelle is truly the best and I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with her!" - Kate K.

"Hey beautiful, 
I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for your reading you gave me yesterday, it was so overwhelmingly and disturbingly accurate in the most beautiful way. I’ve never had a reading so fkn on point. You’re next level, truely!! If this is you at the beginning of your psychic readings, I can’t wait to see where you’ll be in even another month from now 😍👏🏻
I’m going to start applying everything you told me each and everyday! The words of advice you provided to me the higher realms have been so incredibly reassuring too, especially when you said “the healing process won’t take as long as you think” as sometimes the healing journey can most certainly feel that way even though in factuality, it is never ending 😅 I can’t wait for our next session ❤️
Sending love and light all the way from Australia ❤️😘 xoxoxoxo" - Adrianna B.

"Hi Angelle. This was the loveliest reading. The entirety resonated with me. I even cried a few times. You have such a beautiful voice and such a beautiful gift. Even the presentation was serene and perfect. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve given me. Truly." - Courtney P.

"Angelle has changed my life. She has helped me naturally heal from health conditions that healthcare professionals have told me I would NEVER heal from. Angelle has helped me detox safely and she has provided so much clarity and guidance along my journey. My favorite part about working with her has to be the angel readings. She is scary accurate and has the most compassionate approach. Even though she’s probably one of the sweetest humans on the planet, she has a stern side and most definitely pushes you to be your best self... so be prepared 🤣❤️ Highly recommend working with angelle if you are in need of guidance of any sorts! She definitely knows her stuff! Thank you thank you Angelle! Can’t wait to book an angel reading in the future for occasional guidance ❤️" - Gina L.

"Thank you Angelle for being such a light in my life and the world! Working with you has been such a blessing and I finally feel as tho I took my power back and have full control over my life and health! No more anxiety and I am finally satisfied with how I feel in my skin! Thank you again, you have no idea how grateful I am for your guidance. I love you!" - Alex D.

"Angelle is intelligent, inspiring, and incredibly intuitive! She is always able to understand how and what I am feeling before I can even find the correct words to explain. Angelle has helped me shift my perspective on life and food in ways I couldn’t have imagined, and feel good from the inside out using food as fuel and medicine to heal my body and mind." - Caroline F.

"Down to earth, sweet and incredibly knowledgeable! Her guidance will bring greatness and positivity into your life! Book an appointment now!" - Elise K.

"I got a reading done by Angelle and was left speechless. The accuracy was mind blowing and I’m so thankful for her to bring light on things I need to work on and strive for in my life. She was able to help me put my mind in check and to truly go after my goals. Can’t thank her enough for opening my eyes and for putting a lot into perspective. She has truly helped me become so knowledgeable. Angelle you truly are an angel! 👼🏼💕" - Arianna P.

"Angelle, I can’t even begin to put into words what your angel card reading did for me. Before the reading, I was feeling lost, depressed, and looking for answers that I couldn’t sum up into words. The reading, and details in the reading were so shocking and eye opening. I want you to know after this I have been listening to my angels and taken in all you taught me and have decided to leave my job and go for a career that I truly am passionate for. Thank you for sharing your gift and giving me strength again! and I can’t wait for our next reading! ❤️🦋" - Emma S.

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